What is a Forest School?

Forest School is based on the European model where children learn through their experiences outside in nature, year round. We focus on the use of Forest Tools, fire, and flora/fauna, risk, and impact.

What about inclement weather?

There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. We suggest layering up and dressing appropriately for the weather and being prepared for changing weather. We do encourage each other to stay active to keep our bodies warm. We also set up tarps/shelters to offer reprieve from the elements. When it does get cold, we do use hand warmers as well. And the most important key is to have a positive attitude!

Gear for school?

  • Appropriate clothing for the day can really make or break your child’s experience. Colorado weather can change quickly, so keeping an eye on the forecast and dressing in layers is key. You can always take layers off if you have them. Children learn to regulate their body temperatures as every child runs a bit different. They can add and remove layers as they get hot or cold.
  • Spring: Rain Jacket and pants, and rain boots
  • Summer: Sunscreen, sunshirts or long sleeves
  • Fall: Sweatshirt, Rain Jacket, Boots, Base Layers
  • Winter: Snowpants, Heavy Jacket, Boots, Gloves/Mittens, Long Underwear, Heavy socks.

What to bring everyday:

Your child’s backpack should contain snacks, water, extra set of clothes, sunscreen, bug spray.

If you have any questions about specific gear, please email us and we can guide you in the right direction.

What not to bring to school:

Toys from home should stay at home, especially if it is significant or an important item. We don’t want it to get lost, broken, or dirty. We have plenty of materials on our trusty wagon as well as nature to engage with.

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