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Matthew Hebard, Founder and Learning Guide

Matt’s educational background includes a BA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a MA in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado-Denver. He was also a member of the 6th Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program Cohort and completed his second Master’s in the ALPS Program (Administrative Leadership and Policy) through University of Colorado-Denver (UCD).

During his time at UCD, the idea of educating young children outdoors flourished. After working in public schools, state government and being the director of child care programs in Denver, it was time to hike a new trail.  Bringing nature-based, outdoor learning to the children and families of Denver has been his mission.  His daughter, Griffin, attends Denver Forest School daily and it’s inspiring to watch her grow and flourish in a natural environment.

Michelle Bruyere, Learning Guide

As a teacher with nearly 20 years of early childhood instruction experience, Michelle has worked in preschools, as a nanny, and in integrated special-needs classrooms. Her passion for coaching student resilience and social-emotional regulation while helping to develop a loving school-family community. She’s happiest when teaching, learning or just outside, now she’s able do all three as the newest member of Denver Forest School!

Maggie Rohs, Learning Guide

Maggie is a native to Cincinnati, Ohio! She went to the University of Dayton and graduated with an Environmental Biology degree. During that time, she discovered her passion for environmental education through the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens’ Wildlife Encounter Program. After graduation, she decided to take the time to travel for herself. For two years, she got to live and travel to Australia and other neighboring countries. After all these adventures, she decided to come to Denver, Colorado, to explore another new area. She then again, got involved with environmental education with several different organizations and loved every moment of it! Being able to teach kids about their own backyard is pretty incredible. She is excited to join the team and guide kids to discover the resources surrounding them! 

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